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Flash Ads

2009-09-19 21:45:07 by CKAnimations

Hey everyone, CKAnimations here. Hey guys, CKAnimations here. You may have noticed that I tried to put the Newgrounds Flash Ads thingy on my latest video (PITCHMEN), but I think I did something wrong because it doesn't appear to actually showing and Advertisement, but rather just a picture of the Newgrounds guy holding money saying "Your Ad Code is Working...". I emailed PyschoGoldfish about it and he messaged me back saying that I might have debug mode still on, but when I messaged him back asking how to turn it off he never responded. Any words on this?


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2009-09-19 21:49:31

did you enable the ads?
were they approved?

CKAnimations responds:

Yeah, the ads are enabled and approved. Do I just need to activate it?


2009-09-19 21:54:33

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2009-09-19 21:54:42

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2009-09-19 22:27:41

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2009-09-19 22:57:48

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2009-09-19 23:11:27

Under your API settings you had the entry set as "Inactive", so I made it active and the ads work now!


2009-09-19 23:39:02


we all want our 3$ back....but sadly...
our tax dollars payed for this shit instead---v

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2009-09-19 23:50:21

http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /471114
this will help you set up the ads


2009-09-20 09:06:59

you never enabled the movie on the API screen...


2009-09-20 17:31:41

Tom to the rescue!!! XD